6 tips to improve your home security

As most security experts argue, securing a home is combined effort that makes use of a number of security measures, and therefore no one single security measure can guarantee absolute protection to your home. As such, it is important to understand a few tips you can use in to make your home more secure. To make your home more burglary-proof, the following tips may be of interest to you.


1. Change your door lock

When moving into a new house, security-wise, it’s always wise to change your door locks. This will help you in locking out unauthorized individuals who may be in possession of your door lock’s keys. Also, even with a spare key in your possession, whenever you experience a key loss, avoid concentrating in looking for it; just replace the lock. This can help enhance the security of your home by making sure that even if these keys get into the wrong hands, they won’t be used to access your home.


2. Install Alarm Systems in your home

In matters security, even scaring away adversaries is important in securing a home. Therefore to enhance the security of your home, installation of alarm systems to alert security personnel of an intrusion can be used.


3. Conceal (cover) All your home wiring

One of the weaknesses that may be an easy target for home intruders to operate unnoticed is exposed wiring in the home. With exposed wiring, intruders can easily cut them off and access the home devoid of detection.


4. Signal that your home/house is occupied.

Most professional burglars do scour the neighbourhoods searching for easy home targets where occupants have gone for long vacations. One way to confuse potential attackers is by setting automatic timers that will set your home lighting on and off at different times while you are still away from your home.


5. Use motion sensors

Scare away burglars by using motion-sensing lights. With motion sensors, the home intruders may grow scared as they keep lighting electric lights whenever they approach these motion sensing lights. When used together with other security methods like CCTV cameras, they can also help you identify where the adversary is.


6. Reinforce the strength of the windows to discourage intrusion

One way most house intrusions happen is through the use of house windows. To enhance the security of your house, you need to reinforce the strength of your windows to bar intruders from accessing your house.