Top smart home security systems

With the currently available home security solutions, it’s possible to monitor your home remotely. Some of the leading smart home security systems include;


1. Vivint Smart Home

It offers round-the-clock security monitoring. It also gives you full control of your home’s electrical and security system through remote control capabilities of the CCTV cameras, door locks, and heating system. The system also offers the best video doorbell.


2. Abode Home Security Starter Kit

It is an Easy-to-install smart security home solution. It’s compatible with numerous third-party devices. Some of the common platforms the Kit supports include Z-Wave and ZigBee. It allows for access via the mobile and web platforms. Some of the undoing of this security solution is that it lacks a control panel and as such, it cannot handle mobile notifications. The security solution vendors do not offer any plans for contract monitoring.


3. ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse is a comprehensive smart home security solution that offers virtually everything a home owner would like their security system to have. It’s also robust in that it allows for the integration with numerous security modules and devices including third-party applications. It also provides a very intuitive user interface. The vendor offers timely and efficient support to their clients. However, it is very costly to install or terminate your contract with them.


4. SimpliSafe Home Security System

This is a highly affordable smart home security solution that allows you to monitor your home remotely. You can easily install this solution yourself; it’s that simple to install and use. It supports cellular connectivity and battery backup. Its hardware cost is within reach for ordinary home owners.

The vendor offers low-fee monitoring services to their clients. Its cons include the inability to log users out on it online platform after staying inactive for a long time, the only 3rd-party device supported is Nest Smart Thermostat.


5. Frontpoint Home Security System

Just like SimpliSafe Home Security System, the solution allows you to install and use it by yourself. Its sensors are highly responsive. It supports numerous accessories that are readily available. Its constraints include costly plans for accessing its monitoring services and accessories; you only access live feeds and recorded videos if you subscribe to their top-most monitoring plan.