What you need to know when furnishing your first home

Room, studio, apartment, house: whatever the first home, the excitement is sometimes such that we forget the essentials, the equipment. Once your home is secure you can start to consider the first decor, what do you need to feel at home?

The essentials

furnishedBefore entering the first store come, and buy all the furniture you think you need, it is important to make a list of priorities. A coffee table may not seem expensive but added to all your furniture, the note can be salty. List in the first place the essentials.

In the basics, you can already note

-a bed with bed linen
-a table
-at least a chair, an armchair or a sofa
-a storage cabinet if there is no cupboard in your first home
-a refrigerator, hotplates and a microwave oven if the kitchen is not equipped
-dishes and cooking utensils
-household equipment such as a vacuum cleaner or, at least, a broom
-bathroom linen

Obviously, this is the bare minimum. All of this furniture will probably not allow you to feel at home. But a first home is an investment that must be considered, and whose purchases can be made in the medium term.

Decoration and amenities

The first furniture installed, you can move to the stage interior design and decoration. What to make of these few furniture, a real habitat, worthy of the name. During this stage, you will be able to give free rein to your imagination to feel at home.

How to turn furniture into a living space

The small kitchen equipment that seems essential to you such as a coffee maker
shelves, boxes and other storage that will allow you to keep a home always tidy, even a studio that tends to fill quickly!
Carpets, curtains, cushions to bring warmth to your new home as well as lamps and other lampshades.