Why Hire a Landscaper?


When we renovate our house, we measure to the last centimeter to know what piece of furniture we are going to place in each place, we try to put the sofa in one corner and in another and we give it a thousand laps until we find the perfect place. On the other hand, when it comes to “renovating” the garden, it is very common to plant flowers and shrubs, even trees, without following any criterion, guiding us only by our taste … great mistake! A newly planted garden can look very nice but the problems will appear as the plants grow if we have not taken into account a number of factors that are mandatory to consider. These are:

The first thing we must ask ourselves is what do we expect from our garden? What are we going to use it for? What style do we like? These are essential questions and we have to have a clear answer before starting the design of the garden.

Climate and soil are essential to know which species will adapt to the garden, which ones will need special care and which should under no circumstances be included.

Orientation of the garden. It is important to know the areas of shade and sun of the garden to choose the right plants and not to make mistakes when distributing the different areas or environments such as the living area, the games, the garden, the pool and solarium …
Availability of water for irrigation and if we are going to install automatic irrigation, which in the days that run is the most advisable in most cases, since automatic irrigation is much more efficient than when done by hand.

Direction of prevailing winds to consider if it is necessary to put some screen that protects us and also to choose resistant plants in cases where the area is very windy.
Speed ​​of growth of the plants and size that can reach. It is very common to find gardens where the plants have grown more than expected and are all so tight that they have no place to live, other times we see how the trees literally get through the windows. When planting it is necessary to leave the proper separation between plants, although at first the garden looks somewhat poor. They will grow, the gardens are starting to look really nice after a year since they are built.

Time and budget we have to devote to the maintenance of the garden . It is increasingly common for clients to ask the landscaper for a garden that does not require maintenance. This is impossible, however little maintenance will be necessary, even if it is minimal.

Budget that we have to build the garden. Depending on the structures and materials of the design, the budget can vary enormously.

The professional capable of developing a gardening project without forgetting any of the above factors is the landscaper. The landscaper has received the necessary technical and botanical training to carry out complete landscaping projects including design, plantations, irrigation, lighting, roads, water games, drainage and other garden elements.

London landscape gardeners have spent years training and must continually be on top of the latest trends to do good garden design. In addition, the landscaper is the person able to visualize a garden full of possibilities where the client only sees a complicated and problematic terrain.

How many times have you hear a customer regret that his garden has slopes and slopes? A garden with slopes has many possibilities and can be a wonderful garden

One more reason to have the services of a landscaper like London landscape gardeners is because a house with a well-designed garden is a property that is valued higher. The investment that we are going to make for the project and execution of the work of the garden, we will recover it a lot if we sell the house. There are real estate market studies in the United States and Europe that calculate that this revaluation ranges between 10 and 20%.

Unfortunately, in the UK the profession of the landscaper is little recognized and there is much intrusiveness. The landscaper is a professional, and as such must charge the fees that correspond to him for his work. We should not rely on gardening companies that “give away” the project if we do the work of the garden with them. They are not authentic landscapers and in reality they are masking the amount corresponding to the project, adding other fees to the work. Let’s think about it coldly … does anyone like to work for free? Why would the landscaper do it?